Rock & Wall – THIS FALL

Stage 1 to open Fall 2019.

Bouldering to Open Soon!

This Fall, we aim to open up 35 feet of indoor bouldering that was constructed during the summer. Look for more details soon.

We continue to work on getting the building squared away. Although, for many, our future plans are the most exciting part of what we are doing at 35 East Jackson Street, it takes much planning and consideration.

Eventually we will be taking a section of ceiling out that will allow our realistic looking rock walls to reach the height of 20 Ft. On our walls, you’ll be able to train for the climbing that awaits you out in the Shenandoah Valley. After graduating to a level of proficiency through practice with one of our certified rock climbing instructors, you’ll be eligible to rent gear to climb solo.

We look forward to the end of construction delays and the start of our large project to create a unique indoor climbing environment. Meanwhile, we hope you’ll come in and get climbing (as an added part of your CrossFit membership).